Thurston Brown Chelsea Boots

£120.00 GBP £280.00

  • Materials: Luxor and flouther calf uppers
  • Design: Chelsea boot with stitch welt combination
  • Lining: Full calf leather for comfort
  • Comfort: 3/4 branded John White calf heel sock
  • Sole: Lightweight Italian "XL" Extralight® branded sole
  • Features: Extra strength pull tab
  • Branding: John White embossed insole

A Chelsea boot that is the epitome of luxurious design and artisanal skill, now elevated by the advanced technology of XL EXTRALIGHT® soles. This boot is designed for those who demand both sophistication in appearance and innovation in performance.

Material & Design: Crafted with precision, available in sumptuous Brown and sleek Black Luxor leather, a vibrant Tan of Flouther leather, and smooth Sigaro suede, ensuring a striking visual impact and tactile excellence. Each pair is constructed with a robust leather stitch welt combination, symbolising a heritage of craftsmanship and enduring style.

Interior Comfort: The boot's interior is a haven of comfort, lined with supple full calf leather and enhanced by a 3/4 branded John White calf heel sock, providing a soft, supportive embrace for the foot.

Sole & Signature Touches: The Italian "XL" Extralight branded sole is at the forefront of sole technology, delivering an incredibly light step that belies its robust build. This innovative sole is not just light; it also provides exceptional shock absorption, molds to your stride for perfect harmony with foot movement, and is designed for resilience against wear, ensuring the Thurston is equipped for both the urban landscape and the untamed outdoors.

Finishing Touches: Attention to detail is paramount in the Thurston, from the robust pull tab that facilitates effortless wearing to the full leather footbed which ensures a fit that feels bespoke and luxurious.

The Thurston Chelsea Boot transcends its role as mere footwear; it is a celebration of the transformative power of XL EXTRALIGHT® technology, marrying comfort with durability in a sleek profile, assuring a legacy of style and a commitment to innovation that defines the John White heritage. These soles promise not only exceptional comfort but a lightness to carry you forward, enhanced mobility, and enduring wear, making each step a testament to the evolution of footwear.

Available Colours: Black, Brown, Tan, Sigaro Suede