John White's Story

1919 - The Humble Beginnings

At 35, with 23 years in shoemaking, John White introduced his signature shoes. Despite stiff competition, his unmatched quality quickly set him apart. By 1920, he expanded to a team of four in his own factory.

1930 - Pioneering Moves

With shoe standards declining, John launched 'Impregnable' – a symbol of quality amidst a sea of cheap footwear. A bold front-page ad in the Daily Mail marked its grand entrance, and a whopping 1.25 million pairs were sold that year.

1940 - Wartime Resilience

The war years saw John White produce a myriad of footwear for the forces. His contribution was monumental: one ninth of all shoes for the British Forces bore the John White label. His commitment even extended to funding a Spitfire, christened 'Impregnable'.

1960 - An Era Ends

In 1962, John bid adieu to the empire he built from scratch. The following years witnessed a decline, but with the leadership of George McWatters, there was a resurgence in the brand's fortunes.

1970 - New Horizons

John White Footwear merged with George Ward Holdings, forming Ward White. Though challenges lay ahead, including imports and market dynamics, the company stood firm in its commitment to quality.

1990 - A Temporary Goodbye

1991 marked the end of manufacturing at the iconic Lime Street factory. The company shifted to wholesale, but by 1994, it was time for a hiatus.

2000 - The Phoenix Rises

With David Corben's vast experience and vision, he breathed new life into the John White legacy. Collaborating with the finest overseas manufacturers, he ensured the essence of quality and affordability that John White stood for was intact.

2019 - A Century of Excellence

A hundred years since its inception, John White stands tall in Higham Ferrers, serving patrons worldwide. Staying true to John's philosophy, we continue to deliver unmatched quality at just prices.

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