Mason Brown Boots

£120.00 GBP £280.00

  • Materials: High-grade 'Triumph' leather
  • Design: Plain derby 6-eyelet laced boot
  • Lining: Aniline Calf leather for soft interior feel
  • Comfort: Full leather seat & half leather cushion heel sock
  • Sole: “XL” Extralight sole for lightweight comfort
  • Signature Touches: Woven fabric pull loop
  • Finishing Touches: Details for a blend of style & comfort


A standout lace-up boot constructed with a water resistant stitch welt combination, designed to elevate your walking experience with its innovative construction.

Material & Design: Meticulously crafted from high-grade 'Triumph' leather for its exterior, with a choice of Black, Brown, and Snuff Suede finishes. This plain derby 6-eyelet laced boot design is enhanced with a water-resistant stitch welt combination.

Interior Comfort: Step into luxury interior, lined with Aniline Calf leather for a supremely soft feel. The full leather seat and half leather cushion heel sock ensure every step is supported and comfortable, whether on pavement or countryside.

Sole & Signature Touches: The Italian "XL" Extralight branded sole is at the forefront of sole technology, delivering an incredibly light step that belies its robust build. This innovative sole is not just light; it also provides exceptional shock absorption, molds to your stride for perfect harmony with foot movement, and is designed for resilience against wear, ensuring the Thurston is equipped for both the urban landscape and the untamed outdoors.

Finishing Touches: Every detail has been carefully considered, from its durable construction to its elegant lacing, ensuring a perfect blend of style, comfort, and resilience.

The Mason Lace-up Boot is not just any footwear; it's a testament to John White's commitment to quality, offering a sophisticated solution for those seeking a classy walking boot that performs equally well on pavement or in the countryside.

Available Colours: Black, Brown, Snuff Suede