Osborne Tan Chukka Boots

£99.00 GBP £260.00

  • Materials: Kaleido & Camurça Suede
  • Design: Chukka boot with stitched leather welt
  • Lining: Natural full calf leather
  • Comfort: 3/4 branded John White calf heel sock
  • Sole: Italian "XL" Extralight ® branded sole with full tread
  • Features: Extra strength pull tab
  • Branding: John White embossed insole

A chukka boot that encapsulates the harmony of traditional shoemaking and the advancements of contemporary sole technology, embodied by the innovative XL EXTRALIGHT® soles. It is a choice selection for those who seek to combine the timeless appeal of a classic with the cutting-edge benefits of modern ingenuity.

Material & Design: Sculpted from the rich textures of Kaleido and Camurça suede, offering a colour palette that reflects the hues of nature, from the verdant Antelope Green and the warm Desert Camel to the deep Brunette Brown. Each boot is crafted with a steadfast leather stitch welt, signifying a commitment to durability and fine detail.

Interior Comfort: Experience a sanctuary of natural full calf leather lining, augmented by a 3/4 branded John White calf heel sock, providing a supportive and sumptuous embrace for the foot.

Sole & Signature Touches: The boot is grounded by the Italian "XL" Extralight® sole, a feat of engineering that offers a lightweight foundation without compromising on strength. It is a sole that defies convention, being three times lighter than traditional materials yet providing superior shock absorption and flexibility that conforms to your gait. This sole ensures resilience and comfort, whether navigating the urban sprawl or embarking on off-trail explorations.

Finishing Touches: Detailed consideration is given to every aspect, from the robust pull tab facilitating an effortless slip-on experience to the full leather footbed that shapes to your foot, providing a custom-fit feel.

The Osborne chukka boot is more than an addition to one's wardrobe; it's a testament to the evolution of footwear, where the lightweight, flexible, and durable properties of XL EXTRALIGHT® soles redefine the boundaries of comfort and mobility, affirming the Osborne's place within the legacy of John White's innovative spirit.

Available Colours: Antelope, Brown, Camel, Tan, Brown Suede