Hector Black Boots

£79.00 GBP £140.00

  • Materials: Calf leather upper
  • Design: 7-eyelet laced brogue boot, suede contrast backing
  • Lining: Fully leather-lined for a snug & comfortable fit
  • Comfort: Cushioned sheep leather insole
  • Sole: Full tread sole and heel for grip and durability
  • Signature Touches: Pull loop and front tab
  • Finishing Touches: Designed for elegance & durability

Discover the stylish brogue boots that blend classic design with contemporary flair, featuring suede contrast backing for an added touch of sophistication.

Material & Design: Crafted from calf leather upper, available in elegant shades of black, brown, and tan. These boots are distinguished by their 7-eyelet laced brogue design, classic last, and toe shape, offering a perfect mix of durability and style.

Interior Comfort: The interior is fully leather-lined, ensuring a comfortable fit with aqualine back quarters. The cushioned sheep leather insole provides plush support, making every step a luxurious experience.

Sole & Signature Touches: Set on a full tread sole and heel for exceptional grip and longevity. The addition of a pull loop and front tab not only enhances functionality but also adds a distinctive character to these boots.

Finishing Touches: These brogue boots are meticulously designed with attention to detail, ensuring not only a secure fit but also a statement of elegance and durability.

The Hector 'Original Rogues' are not just boots; they are a testament to timeless style, comfort, and the enduring appeal of well-crafted footwear, making them suitable for both long walks and special occasions.

Available Colours: BlackBrown, Tan