Cruise Brown Penny Loafer

£79.00 GBP £160.00


  • Materials: Finished calf upper
  • Design: Beef-roll penny loafer with kick-off
  • Lining: Comfort lining with suede heel back counter
  • Comfort: Full leather removable cup insole
  • Sole: Full Hexagrip sole pattern for superior grip
  • Branding: Signature insole & sole waist

An embodiment of relaxed elegance and innovative design, tailored for the modern gentleman who appreciates the blend of classic style and comfort.

Material & Design: Skilfully constructed with a finished calf upper, offered in the versatile shades of Brown and Tan. It features a beef-roll penny loafer silhouette with a practical kick-off, marrying traditional design with effortless wearability.

Interior Comfort: The interior boasts a comfort lining paired with a suede heel back counter, ensuring a snug fit and superior comfort. The inclusion of a full leather removable cup insole allows for personalised cushioning, enhancing the luxurious feel with every step.

Sole & Signature Touches: Engineered with a full hexagrip sole pattern, it offers unparalleled stability and grip, ideal for various settings. The signature insole and sole waist signify our dedication to quality and the unique identity of this footwear.

Finishing Touches: Adhering to its classic loafer design, the Cruise is lace-free, emphasising its sleek and easy slip-on style, ensuring both convenience and sophistication are at the forefront.

The Cruise is not just a piece of footwear; it's a testament to timeless design, redefined for contemporary life, perfect for those who seek elegance without compromising on comfort.

Available Colours: Brown, Tan