Origin: Birthed at Oxford University in the early 1800s as a modern alternative to the Oxonian boot.
Key Features: Closed lacing with a minimalist silhouette to enhance the foot's contour.
Styling: Ideal for formal settings. Pair with suits or straight-cut trousers to elongate the legs.
Variations: Ranges from plain toe to detailed brogueing. A popular choice: the Guildhall.


Origin: Emerged in the 1850s, perfect for outdoor activities like hunting.
Key Features: Open-lacing that accommodates wider fits, especially for high insteps.
Styling: Versatile for both formal and casual looks. Great with suits or cuffed jeans.
Highlight: Our classic Tanner boasts a quintessential English round toe.


Origin: Named after monks who first wore them, offering a buckle twist to traditional styles.
Key Features: Can sport one to three buckle straps, often accompanied by brogue finishes.
Styling: A chic alternative to Oxfords or Derbys, fitting for both formal and casual ensembles. Double Monks for a modern edge; Single Monks for timeless grace.
Classic Choice: The evergreen Alderney.


Origin: A house slipper for King George VI that evolved into a fashion staple.
Key Features: Slip-on with unique finishes like Penny's saddle strap or Tassel's signature details.
Styling: Business? Go for tassel loafers. Casual weekends? Penny loafers. Black tie? The sleek Venetian.
Popular Picks: The versatile Downey penny loafer.


Origin: Victorian-era alternative to traditional laced boots, later adopted by The Chelsea Set and Mods.
Key Features: Distinct elastic insert allows easy slip-on without sacrificing style.
Styling: Amplify suits with classic styles or complement casual looks with brogued versions.
Must-Have: The classic Thurston with a lightweight Italian "XL" Extralight ® sole.


Origin: Lightweight boots worn by British soldiers during WWII, inspired by South African Veldskoen.
Key Features: Ankle-high, round toe, with open-laced eyelets.
Styling: Perfect with chinos for a sturdy yet stylish alternative to sneakers in warm weather.
Iconic Style: The Osborne, with its Italian "XL" Extralight ® sole and suede upper.


Origin: From 18th-century 'plimsolls' to the silent steps of the Sneaker.
Key Features: Defined by comfort, sneakers embrace myriad shapes, colors, and materials.
Styling: Pair classic sneakers for a refined look or retro versions for contemporary flair.
Versatility: From blazers and chinos to jeans and tees, the sneaker is every wardrobe's wildcard. The Hemsworth is always a great fit.