mens brown boots

Tay Brown Grain Boots


Inspired by the beautiful River Tay, Scotland’s longest river, our Tay lace-up boots have a studded rubber sole and come with a subtle toe-cap finish. The grain leather and fabric pull tab mean these brown men’s leather boots are rugged and hardwearing. A stylish walking boot for Summer or Winter, Tay is a hardwearing Blake Stitched men’s boot with padded seat sock for extra heel support and impact cushioning.

Whether on the city streets or hiking the Scottish river banks, watching the salmon, Tay is the boot that does it all.



Product Description

Tay Brown Grain Boots

  • High Grade Calf Upper
  • Studded Rubber Sole
  • Natural Linings
  • Padded Seat Sock
  • F Fitting


Shoe Size Chart-legal

  • E Fitting or 5 fit = Narrow
  • F Fitting or 6 fit = Medium
  • G Fitting 0r 7 fit = Wide
  • H Fitting or 8 fit = Extra Wide

Worldwide it is considered the average male fitting to be an F fitting which the majority of our footwear is produced in – we do however offer some styles in a G fit for those who like a little more Wiggle room.

Leather Shoes

Leather shoes need regular cleaning and care with wax polishes or shoe cream. Select the closest colour to your shoe – if in doubt use a natural shade. Before cleaning ensure that the shoes are dry and remove all surface dirt and dust with a damp cloth. Antiqued finishes should be handled carefully.

Suede and Nubuck Shoes

Due to the fine nap of these leathers, extra care should be taken when cleaning. Gentle use of a Suede brush with a Nubuck / Suede cleaner will remove most stains. If your shoes get wet, let them dry naturally, and then brush them gently with a Suede brush. Please note – Nubuck and Suede leather cannot be guaranteed as entirely colourfast and therefore some loss of colour may occur on very rare occasions.

Leather soles

Leather soles are natural products which offer a breathable, flexible sole. Because of its porous nature, leather sole will let in water, therefore we do not recommend excessive use in wet conditions. After a period of time the sole will wear even under normal conditions, making it necessary for the sole to be repaired.

Shoe Repairs

All shoe repairs no matter what the cause should be carried out by a professional shoe repairer or cobbler. Poor shoe repairs could result in a dangerous pair of shoes and could increase the risk of slips, trips and falls. Please note – any home repairs will also invalidate your manufacturers guarantee.