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Dec 01

Moccasins: A stylish alternative to the house slipper

Love them or hate them, slippers are the go to indoor house shoe that we choose for convenience rather than style and are Ideal for keeping your feet warm and comfortable indoors. Whether it’s the standard stripy slipper choice of your grandad or novelty dinosaur claws we all have them, and wear them, in the comfort of our own homes. However for the fashion conscious or trend setter, what could you do differently during the Christmas season?

An alternative option to the standard slipper is a soft suede stylish slip on – the Moccasin. Moccasins don’t just have to be shoes for summer. With soft Italian suede these versatile ‘driving’ shoes also make a perfect indoor alternative that can show your sense of style over the festive period.

With a soft luxury suede upper, a high grade natural calf lining and rubber soles our Monte Carlo range will ensure your feet keep warm & comfortable indoors, whilst looking fashionable in front of all your Christmas guests. Inspired by the Italian fashion style they feature a hand stitched apron design, exquisite high grade suede, Italian calf lining and smooth removable leather insole with latex.

Our men’s moccasins prioritise style and ultimate comfort with the Italian driver sole being soft, flexible, durable and lightweight offers the means of regular wear, therefore being ideal for wearing in the comfort of your own home.

We even have them in festive red!

Check them out here



Nov 16

Bounty now available in suede

Bounty is a classic men’s brogue that makes a great addition to your wardrobe for those more casual occasions. With its air-pocket insole technology & precision fitting, these men’s shoes offer exceptional comfort, durability and style. Perfect for adding a smart look to a pair of jeans or chinos. In soft luxury brown suede, this addition are the next installment to our Ferrersmere collection where Bounty is currently available redwood brown and classic office black calf leather uppers and a durable Ferrersmere branded sole.


Nov 09

Introducing Augusta Cognac

These new Augusta Cognac suede classic chukka boots are the latest addition to our Ferrersmere collection offering high grade materials, durability and ultimate comfort. A quality casual suede boot with style and in a rustic cognac colour that is perfect for the autumn season.

The collection:

With its unprecedented style, high grade calf, natural calf linings & durability our Ferresmere Collection of Augusta Chukka boots commands daily wear. Featuring air-pocket insoles & precision fitting for comfort & flexibility this everyday range of boots come with exceptional comfort & style. Available in Tan leather and brown, navy, green and now cognac suede.


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Oct 31

The Iconic Tassel Loafer

The Iconic Tassel Loafer – Charles

This lace-less staple shoe is an iconic style that oozes charm, elegance and sophistication that allows for a variety of styling opportunities in formal and smart-casual settings. A versatile offering, the tassel loafer stands out from other slip-on shoes with added character and has once again grown in popularity. Our Charles Tassel Loafer is part of our premium Church Street Collection in cognac tan, classic office black and brown suede.

Charles loafers are made with top quality materials and craftsmanship with sincere footwear comfort technology for exceptional durability and style. Parma Leather is used to style this iconic gentleman’s tassel loafer, which takes the form of the individual foot whilst keeping the last structure for excellent comfort and fitting.

Fashion conscious? Trend Setter? A tassel loafer offers versatility and creative styling by providing a modern dapper style without socks and a pair of slim fitted jeans. They will definitely make a statement no matter the occasion.

brown monk shoes for men

Oct 09

Product Focus : Double Monks

Our Ripon double monk strap shoes offer gentlemanly charm and classic styling that wouldn’t be out of place by smartening a pair of jeans whilst also offering a suave option for the office. In chestnut brown they will add a touch of sophistication to a navy pair of trousers whilst in classic black they will perfectly complement a charcoal or grey suit.

Ripon are a popular choice to complete a formal look, offering a sleek, stylish finish. The buckle style ensure that these shoes are easy to slip on and with a natural calf lining these do not let down on comfort. They will make the perfect fashionable footwear addition to your smart and workwear wardrobe.

Available in the finest rich chestnut brown or black calf leather


May 10

New range of classic chelsea boots launched

Versatile and sophisticated, the classic Chelsea boot offers contemporary style for any occasion ensuring a smart look for either formal office wear or casual weekend outfits. Our latest version of the classic chelsea boot is the Stables line which are available with the finest brown suede, tan and black high grade leather uppers with elegant natural leather soles.

Traditional in style and construction, these new boots feature a complete last re-design of the classic Chelsea Boot of true English Heritage in princess calf. With elasticated panels, leather linings, pull tab and padded seat sock, Stables boots ensure traditional style whilst offering ease of wear with a comfortable fitting.

See the full line up here


Apr 19

New Sponsors of Northamptonshire County Cricket Club

We are very proud to announce that we are new official sponsors of Northamptonshire County Cricket Club.

We are supplying the team’s players with our Wroxton brown brogues for their pre & post match team outfits. Traditional in look and construction these brogues are part of our Impregnable Collection a programme of Welted shoes, Boots with Blake stitched soles, which was named after HMS Impregnable during the years of WWII.

The brogues featuring a high grade brown calf upper and natural calf linings to ensure comfort and ease of use. With a padded seat sock and a studded rubber sole, Wroxton brogues will also ensure style and durability for a modern take on a classic style.

We wish the team luck for the season and will be following all their County Championship Division 2, T20 and One-Day cup matches.

Good luck from us all at John White!

Click here to see what the team will be wearing!


May 08

George Nash and Will Satch

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Olympic bronze medalists George Nash and Will Satch. Along with a photoshoot we asked them a bit about themselves, learn more about the pair here…   George Nash


When did you first start rowing?

I first started rowing in 2002 when I was a 13 year old schoolboy on a little river that runs through Winchester.

What/who inspired you to start rowing?

Steve Redgrave was a huge public figure after winning his fifth Olympic Gold in 2000 and I remember watching his race and thinking, ‘that doesn’t look that hard.’ At the time I didn’t live anywhere near a river, but two years later I was lucky enough to go to a school which was built right next to a river which was just big enough to row on. It looked like a lot of fun to me so I gave it a go and never looked back. Little did I know that to make it look as easy as Steve Redgrave you have to put in some serious hard yards!

What is your greatest achievement?

In 2012 I won an Olympic Bronze medal on Dorney Lake with Will Satch. For me that was the realisation of a dream that began in the stubborn head of a 16 year old kid in 2005 when London won the Olympic bid. The Olympic stage is absolutely massive compared to anything else in rowing. Coming away with a medal and standing on that podium alongside an old mate was pretty special.

Do you have any pre race rituals?

In rowing you have about 40 mins on the water to warm up before you race. On our team that time is pretty ritualistic. It’s always the same routine. Just going through exactly the same warm up every time gradually gets me into the right frame of mind to put my body through absolute hell for six minutes of flat out racing.

What was the best advise you were ever given?

Our coach, Jurgen Grobler, occasionally comes out with absolute pearls that apply to all aspects of life and not just to rowing. One particular motivational pearl he came out with in a meeting when I first joined the national team stuck with me. He said that he’d seen a lot of talented athletes come and go in his forty years of coaching at an Olympic level. Almost all of them can train hard for a day. Most of them can train hard for a month and some of them for a year. But the few that can string those hard days together for four years or even eight years; they are rare but they will be the ones that turn out to be Olympic champions. For me that simplified a lot of things: Work hard, commit to the long game and maybe one day I could be one of those guys.

What advice would you give to someone just starting a sport?

When you’re just starting out a sport it’s got to be about having fun. A sport like rowing is inherently pretty gruelling. It takes a month or so to build up the basic fitness and coordination needed to give it a proper chance. My advice is that whatever sport you choose to do, give it a good go. If after a couple of months you figure out that you’re not enjoying it then try something new. There’s a sport out there for everyone.

What are you currently working towards?

At the moment my big goal is to win gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. To qualify for Rio you have to come in the top 5 boats in my event (the eight) at the World Championships in September so in the short term I’m working towards that. At the end of May we kick off our racing season with the European Championships in Poland. Recently we’ve been putting in some hard yards to get ourselves in good shape for the Euros and after a long winter in the gym I’m gagging to get onto the start line.

Will Satch

When did you first start rowing?

I was around 11 when I first started rowing, so in 2000.

What/who inspired you to start rowing?

I wasn’t really inspired by anyone in particular. I played rugby for Henley since I was a sprog. A coach was getting his son to give it a go, so I tagged along, the problem was that I got the bug and couldn’t get enough of it!

What is your greatest achievement?

Olympic Bronze at London 2012.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

Nah not really, I don’t like to believe in superstition because I know I have an addictive personality and it could end up wasting a lot of time. Good sleep and food is key, and to believe in the training you’ve done.

What was the best advise you were ever given? 

“Every stroke counts”

And just general Belief! Confidence is key in a sport where we train a lot more than compete, it’s easy to let your nerves get the better of you when the pressure is on.

What advice would you give to someone just starting a sport?

Just try and enjoy the raw sport for what it is.

What are you currently working towards?

I’m currently working towards Olympic Gold in Rio 2016.

Here you can see the guys in our Westbury Sport suede chukka boots.

. And here they are looking a bit more formal in our Finsbury black toe capped shoes.



It was great to meet the guys and we wish them all the luck in their up and coming races, especially the Olympics in Rio next year! #keepbelieving

Mar 19

John White Advertising- a step back in time

John White shoes was first established in 1919. Our heritage is something we value and enjoy discovering, we recently uncovered some advertisements used in the 30’s. We found it really interesting and hope you enjoy seeing them too! Firstly it should be noted that all the adverts included illustrations of the shoes, which are actually pretty impressive. In 1936 the advertising figure Impregnable William was born, described as the all weather man he appeared in all 30,000,000 Impregnable advertisements in national newspapers. The figure was designed to be a trustworthy shoe selling link between the Impregnable brand and the retailers own shop. Cut-out show cards of the trade figure were available from John White’s of Rushden upon request.

John White himself is shown below to the left with the promotional figure Impregnable William to his right. Although Impregnable William is no longer used, Impregnable is still one of our most popular ranges. The slogan ‘Made by John White means made just right!’ appeared in all advertisements of this time, something which has not stayed with us (probably for the best) but who doesn’t like a good rhyme!? Anyway we couldn’t resist creating a modern Impregnable William!

Newspaper advertising was at its best in the 30’s and here’s a few of ours. The decorative shoe box shown below perhaps also best left in its own era, however it most certainly did make the shoes stand out! Another couple of advertisements from the 50’s, here we start to see a splash of colour!