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Mar 19

John White Advertising- a step back in time

John White shoes was first established in 1919. Our heritage is something we value and enjoy discovering, we recently uncovered some advertisements used in the 30’s. We found it really interesting and hope you enjoy seeing them too! Firstly it should be noted that all the adverts included illustrations of the shoes, which are actually pretty impressive. In 1936 the advertising figure Impregnable William was born, described as the all weather man he appeared in all 30,000,000 Impregnable advertisements in national newspapers. The figure was designed to be a trustworthy shoe selling link between the Impregnable brand and the retailers own shop. Cut-out show cards of the trade figure were available from John White’s of Rushden upon request.

John White himself is shown below to the left with the promotional figure Impregnable William to his right. Although Impregnable William is no longer used, Impregnable is still one of our most popular ranges. The slogan ‘Made by John White means made just right!’ appeared in all advertisements of this time, something which has not stayed with us (probably for the best) but who doesn’t like a good rhyme!? Anyway we couldn’t resist creating a modern Impregnable William!

Newspaper advertising was at its best in the 30’s and here’s a few of ours. The decorative shoe box shown below perhaps also best left in its own era, however it most certainly did make the shoes stand out! Another couple of advertisements from the 50’s, here we start to see a splash of colour!